SUCCESS JOURNEY - What Most Successful people do as they travel on the road to success

SUCCESS JOURNEY - What Most Successful people do.

Successful  People - Start Growing Today.

The Journey To Success
The Journey To Success

“It’s not what you are going to do, but it’s what you are doing now that counts". Said Napoleon Hill .

Many unsuccessful people have what is called “Someday Sickness” they could do some things to bring value to their lives right now.  But they put them off and say they’ll do them someday. 

Their motto is “one of these days.” But as the old English proverb says, “One of these days means none of these days.” The best way to ensure success is to start growing today. No matter where you may be starting from, don’t be discouraged; everyone who got where he is started where he was (that is the secret to Success)

"You're only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely" 

  Successful  people  don’t  let  failure  go  to  their  heads,  Instead  of  dwelling  on  the  negative consequences of failure, thinking of what might have been and how things haven’t worked out, they focus  on  the  rewards  of  success:  learning  from  their  mistakes  and  thinking  about  how  they  can improve themselves and their situations.

By starting to grow today;  You are on the Road to Success.

Growth is not automatic likewise Success is also not automatic . Just because you grow older doesn’t mean you keep growing. That’s how it is with some creatures, such as crustaceans. As a crab or a lobster ages, it grows and has to shed its shell. But that’s not the trend for people. The road to the next level is uphill, and it takes effort to keep growing. The sooner you start, the closer to reaching your potential you’ll be.

Growth today will provide a better tomorrow. Everything you do today builds on what you did yesterday. And altogether, those things determine what will happen tomorrow. That’s especially true in regard to growth; man’s mind, once stretched by new ideas, never regains its original dimensions.

Success & Relationships

Another  factor  in  your  journey to success  comes  in  the  area  of  your  relationships  with  others. Carefully  examine  your  closest  associations. You  can  tell  a  lot  about  which  direction  your  life  is heading  by  looking  at  the  people  with  whom  you  have  chosen  to  spend  your  time  and  share  your ideas.  Their  values  and  priorities  affect  the  way  you  think  and  act.

It’s not always comfortable to associate with people who are ahead of you in their growth, but it’s always profitable. Look around you. Undoubtedly, you know people who could help you grow in one or more of the areas you want to develop. Try to cultivate relationships with them, but don’t think only  in  terms  of  what  you  can  gain.  Always  bring  something  to  the  table.  You  have  to  make  the relationship win-win, or it won’t last.

Dedication to growth not only enlarges you and increases your potential; it also motivates you. It begins a cycle of growth that, if sustained, leads to further and more extensive growth and success.

There are two greatest detours that normally prevent people from succeeding;  "Fear and Failure".

Fear as one of the impediment to success

Fear breeds inaction; Inaction leads to lack of experience; Lack of experience fosters ignorance; and Ignorance breeds fear. Fear also causes procrastination.  “Fear  causes  people  to  draw  back  from situations; it brings on mediocrity; it dulls creativity; it sets one up to be a loser in life.” Fear robs us of our potential and prevents us from moving forward toward our purpose in life and success

We all have fears. Nine out of ten people are terrified by the thought of speaking before groups. Some don’t  like  insects.  Others  fear  heights,  deep  water,  financial  problems,  aging,  or  loneliness. 

Fears come in almost as many varieties as there are people. The fears of some well-known people from history  are  even  comical.  For  example,  
  • Julius  Caesar,  a  powerful  military  general  and  Roman emperor, feared thunder!
  • Peter the Great, the czar of Russia and an imposing figure at six feet five inches tall, was afraid of bridges!  He crossed them only when there was no other alternative, and when he did, he trembled and cried like a child.
  • Eighteenth-century British writer and literary critic Dr. Samuel Johnson had a phobia about entering a room with any foot other than his left. Any time he accidentally entered a room wrong-footed, he backed out and entered again with his left foot. He took wanting to put his best foot forward to a ridiculous extreme!

No matter how foolish or humorous another person’s fears may look to us, our own seem serious. One reason  is  that  fear  can  be  a  hindrance  to  success.  If  allowed  to  control  our  lives,  fear  can  be  a permanent detour on the success journey, stopping us from making any progress. Ironically, when fear succeeds in preventing us from engaging in an activity, we never find out whether that fear was truly justifiable. And that creates a vicious cycle.