Every choice you make today will have a profound impact on your tomorrow!

Who or what is responsible for your current circumstances in life? You? Someone else? Pure chance? Is your current situation the result of circumstances beyond your control? Can you influence the events that touch your life?

Many prefer to blame God, their employer, their family or spouse, even the political system they live in for their current circumstances and failures in life. Unfortunately, most never realize the role their past decisions and actions have played in bringing them to their current position in life.

Whether actively or passively, you make your own choices and thus everything that happens to you depends on you alone.  

You buy the car you want to drive and work at the job you have accepted. You have developed precisely the personality you produced in your mind and brought into being through your beliefs and actions. You associate with certain people, distance yourself from others, read books of your choice and watch the television programs you want to see. Even the newspaper you read is a choice you'’ve made.

Every choice you have made has had an impact on your view of the world, other people and especially yourself.

Every choice you make today will have a profound impact on your tomorrow! 

External entities are not the extent of the realm of circumstances that influence you - how and what you think shapes you as well. The way you look at, or perceive, the circumstances and events that surround you is purely up to you. When looking at a person, you can choose to see whatever good you can find or you can focus solely on whatever you see that is bad. When you see half a glass of water, you have a choice to view the glass as, optimistically, half-full, or, pessimistically, half empty. The optimist will be glad he or she still has half a glass of water to drink, while the pessimist will whine about having only half a glass of liquid left. The latter’s sorrow prevents him or her from even enjoying the remaining half.

When considering your career or job, you can choose to see only obstacles or you can choose to view each challenge as a new experience and unique adventure. The way you think raises positive or negative emotions within you that reflect in your general beliefs, the words you speak and the actions you perform.

For instance, a new coworker joins your office team. He is young and energetic, having just completed his university degree, and is eager to impress you with his newfound knowledge. One person may think, “I don’t need another green-horn, wise guy trying to teach me all the theory he just learned in college.” As a result, this unfortunate person sticks to this viewpoint and disapproves of any suggestion the newcomer makes, trying to make him look incapable and his performance worse than it is. This person sees the newcomer as a competitor that could steal his or her promotion or even their job!

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What is the result of all this negative and pessimistic thinking? This person’s performance begins to slip; too much of their energy is tied up considering their miserable position and the threat of the newcomer. Instead, they should be taking positive action, like adding the newcomer’s knowledge to their own learning and self-improvement. In the end, after so much energy has been wasted putting down the newcomer, this person is surprised, even astonished, when they don’t receive the long-awaited promotion. The outcome could have been so much different had the coworker taken an optimistic stance and chosen to view the newcomer in a different way.

You must understand that everything “bad” has something good in it. Good and bad exist diametrically and thus one does not exist without the other tied to it. In some circumstances, there is but a thin line that separates the two. Therefore, always seek the positive side and prevent, as much as possible, from wasting your thoughts and energy on the negative. By doing so, you have a far better chance of settling in the “good zone.” However, be careful how you interpret this.

We don’t mean you can’t have negative emotions, anger, disappointment and such. If you think that way, you will hide and suppress your true emotions. It is better to recognize, accept and love them for what they are. These undesirable emotions are part of you in the moment you experience them. They even serve a purpose, like trying to protect you, warn you, show you something you need to change and are not there to make you crazy or a “bad” person.