Start your day with these motivational quotes
  • Approach  the start of each  day with something  in  mind and end the  day with  one  word.. .DONE!
  • On the path  to success  always  lies big  O's.  Some  read them  as Obstacles,  and  others  read them  as Opportunities.
  • "If I had  to select  one quality  and one personal  characteristic  that I regard as  being  most highly correlated  with  success,  whatever the field,  I would pick  persistence and  determination.  The will to endure  to  the end, to get  knocked down  seventy  times  and get up  off the floor  saying,"Here comes number seventy one". - Richard  M.  Devos
  • Reach  for  the moon. If you fall short  at least you'll  be among  the  stars.
  • You  may have a  fresh  start at any moment you  choose,  for this  thing we call  "failure"  is not falling down,  but  staying  down.
  • To  the world  you may be one person,  but to one  person you may be  the world.
  • People  are  anxious to improve their circumstances,  but are unwilling  to  improve themselves. That is why  they remain  bound.
  • I  would rather  fail  in a cause that would ultimately  succeed, than succeed  in a  cause  that would ultimately  fail. - Woodrow  Wilson
  • Success  in the  end erases  all  the mistakes  along  the  way.
  • People  of mediocre  ability sometimes  achieve  outstanding success  because  they don't  know when  to quit.  Most  men  succeed because  they are  determined  to.
  • Out of difficulties  grow  miracles.
  • Life  is an  adventure!  Live  it while you can.  You can  never have today  again, tomorrow  only comes once,  and yesterday  is gone  forever.  Make  your choice  wisely,  then live the  adventure  you  create.
  • Keep  going, for  success lies just around the corner  for  those  who refuse  to quit.
  • There  are  no losers in  losing, only losers  in not wanting  to win.
  • Success  is committing  to give  your best no matter what  the circumstances.
  • Spectacular  achievement  is always preceded  by  painstaking preparation.
  • It takes  the hammer  of persistence to drive  the nail  of success.
  • We  cannot  discover new  oceans until  we  have  the courage  to  lose sight of the shore.