If you are not where you want to be along the road to success, you may want to examine not only how hard you are working, but what you are working on.

  • We have learned the mechanics of prospering without learning to live rich lives. 

  • We have learned to appear attractive on the outside without learning the art of inner beauty. 
  • Free speech has become an excuse for expanding our boundaries to include everything, no matter how much it may diminish our humanity. 
  • We have expanded our vocabulary but have very little to say. We have studied the masters without mastering our studies. 
  • Our national pastime has become building up celebrities to a heroic proportion and then tearing them down. 
  • Our cries for diversity, tolerance, and inclusion often cannot be heard beyond the distances we maintain from each other. 
  • We celebrate youth while demanding everyone have experience.

Tips for Studying

  1. Each person seems to have good times of the day for learning. When do you learn best? In the morning, the afternoon, or the evening? Try to figure out when is the best time for you to study.
  2. When you study at home, ask your family to help you by keeping things fairly quiet.
  3. Get a small notebook to write down what you have to do for homework. Before you leave school, check your notebook. Then ask yourself, “What will I need to take home tonight?” Make sure you take everything you need home with you.
  4. Have your materials together when you start to study. Ask yourself, “Do I need a pencil and paper? A dictionary? Anything else?”
  5. How long can you pay attention when you are doing your schoolwork? Experiment to find out. If you can concentrate for fifteen or twenty minutes, plan to study for that long. Then do something active and fun for a few minutes before you start studying again.
  6. Each time that you plan to study, set goals for yourself. These goals should be things that you can really do in the time you have. For example, you may not be able to read an entire book for a book report. Instead, decide how many chapters you can read, and try to reach your goal.