How To Deal with Crisis in a Positive Way - The Easy Way To Solve All Problems

Problems and How To handle them, The basic strategies/guide to solving problems.

Life only has a meaning when one meets and solves Problems as they arise. Problems are the cutting edge that distinguishes between success and failure.

Problems call forth our courage and wisdom; indeed they create our courage and our wisdom. It is only because of problems that we grow mentally and spiritually . . . It is through the pain of confronting and resolving  problems  that  we  learn.  As  Benjamin  Franklin  said,  “Those  things  that  hurt, instruct.”

Every family & every Person experiences problems, but not all families or people respond to them in the same way. And that often separates a families & fellows that are  close  from  those  that are  barely  holding  together. 

Some people pursuing success seem to avoid the home environment. I suspect that one reason is that they  are  not  able  to  handle  family  crisis/problems  situations  well.  They  find  it  easier  to  try  to  avoid  the problems altogether. But that’s not a solution.

Here are some strategies to help you with the problem-solving process:

  •  Attack the Problem, never the person. Always try to be supportive of each other. Remember, you’re all on the same side. So don’t take your frustrations out on people. Instead, attack the problem.
  • Get all the facts. Nothing can cause more damage than jumping to false conclusions during a crisis. Don’t waste your emotional or physical energy chasing down a wrong problem. Before you try to find solutions, be sure you know what’s really going on.
  •  List all the options. This may sound a bit analytical, but it really helps because you can look at emotional subjects with some objectivity. Besides, if you had a problem at work, you would probably be willing to go through this process. Give any family problem at least as much time and energy as you would a professional one.
  •  Choose the best solution. As you decide on a solution, always remember that people are your priority. Make your choices accordingly.
  •  Look for the positives in the problem. As Dr. Peck said, the tough things give us a chance to grow. No matter how bad things look at the moment, just about everything has something positive that comes from it.
  •  Never withhold love. No matter how bad things get or how angry you are, never withhold your love from your spouse, children or anyone who has offended you. Sure, tell them how you feel. Acknowledge the problems. But continue loving family members and all people unconditionally through it all.

This last point is the most important of all. When you feel loved and supported by your family or your fellow, you can weather nearly any crisis. And you can truly enjoy success.