For everyone who turns a disadvantage into an excuse, there is someone else who turns it into a springboard to greatness.

You may not appreciate or even like your current situation. I’m not saying that you should. There are many good people who find themselves in very bad circumstances. I do want you to realize that while we don’t have choices about what happens to us, we always have choices in what we’re going to do about it. Each day we make a decision to either complain about the road we’re on or take the road that we have until it intersects with another road and then merges with the highway that leads to everything we want from this life.

Remember all the times in your life when things were not coming together, but you kept on trying. Then, out of nowhere, you meet the key person, discover the missing element, or find the shortcut you have been looking for. Those magical moments happen only when you “stay the course.”

You are closer than you think to success. Just like the farmer who has planted the seed or the sailor who has started his voyage, you will reach your destination if you just keep going. Even though there are days when your goal seems a million miles away. For the farmer, the sailor, or you and me, every day of the journey is critical. They all add up to your success.

Remember, what you do today will bring you one day closer to where you want to be—whether you are able to recognize it at this time or not. Keeping the faith today is the price we pay and, as always, today’s that day!

As you study, your mind naturally creates images of what you’re learning, and puts what you’re hearing or seeing into some kind of order. Information makes more sense to us when both the pictures in our mind and the sequence of events are clear. Some of us learn by using lots of images.

MANY PEOPLE IN OUR SOCIETY ARE LABORING UNDER THE IMPRESSION that they cannot get from where they are to where they want to be. Somehow, they have convinced themselves that the road they are on does not lead to their goals and dreams.

I want to assure you that the street in front of your house will take you anywhere you wish to go. You may not now feel that way, but your feelings do not change reality. You may feel that you are on a rougher, more uphill, difficult road than many people.

You may feel that you were born the wrong color, gender, national heritage, religion, etc. On the other hand, you may feel that due to a disability or a disadvantaged background, you’re on the wrong road.

If you look hard enough, you can find someone who was on the same difficult road that you were on who has already reached their ultimate destiny in life. I am not saying that it’s easy. I’m simply saying that it’s possible.

Take comfort in knowing that—once you get on the superhighway— you will be able to enjoy it, appreciate it, and maximize the experience because of the struggles and time you have spent on the rough and steep back roads. Today, when you back out of your driveway, realize that that street will take you anywhere you want to go.