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Success In Action - Success Secrets



We all strive for a definition of success, but we must be careful that the success we seek resembles our own definition. The world is filled with people and countless media messages clamoring to define success for us. You and I must take on our own quest for success as a personal proposition that only we can define and only we can create.

Failure and success cannot occupy the same space. You must let go of one to begin enjoying the other.

Success is not a direction, a speed, or an amount. It is, instead, the fulfillment of our deepest desires and greatest potential.


4 Secrets of success

1. Taking Responsibility

There is always a temptation to heap the blame for your misfortunes onto another person but that does not  help  you  either,  if  anything  it  worsens  the  situation  and  sinks  you  deeper  into  irresponsibility. Taking  responsibility  for  your  actions,  choices  and  direction  in  life  is  the  most  powerful  and intelligent  way  of  dealing  with  issues  in  life.  The  moment  you  stop  taking  responsibility,  your perspective toward life will change and in most times you will see yourself as a failure because you have permitted the winds of blame and excuses to blow you hither and yon.

Individuals  who  take  total  responsibility  for  their  lives,  experience  control  and  joy  despite  the circumstances  around  them.  They  are  able  to  make  sober  decisions  and  choices  because  they  fully understand that they will be accountable for the outcome of their choices.  Even if events that are not within your control come your way, you have the power to determine how you will react to them. You can either make a disaster out of a situation or use it as a ladder to climb to a higher level.

One  of  the  critical  components  that  you  must  accept  in  life  is  that  you  are  in  charge  and  no  one  will live  your  life  for  you.  It  does  not  matter  how  hard  you  try  to  convince  people  around  you  that  the events happening in your life are not consequences of your actions, you will still have to go through them and face the consequences as they come.

2. Take Feedback Seriously

At times, you may not be keen enough to hear your voice as you speak with other people. This is why accepting and critically analyzing  feedback  from  others  is  important.  Some  of  the  people  you  talk  to  may  be  observant  and honest enough to tell you about your tendencies to shift blame. If you take such feedback seriously, it may  constructively  change  you  and  your  perception  to  life and help you to achieve Success.  It  is  almost  natural  for  human  beings  to dissent  to  feedback  that  does  not  favor  them.  The  more  you  reject  other  people’s  observations,  the more you are likely to continue with your irresponsible tendencies to your own detriment.

3. Plan Your Life

Life is a sum total of all the decisions, plans and courses of action that we take on a day to day basis. By putting in place a plan on how you want your life to run - Success road-map, you can successfully take control of your future  thereby  eliminating  the  temptation  of  blaming  others  for  things  that  you  are  responsible  for. Your  plan  should  be  broken  down  into  simple  and  achievable  goals  that  you  can  measure.

4. Open Your Mind to New Ideas and Beliefs

It  is  commonly  said  that  our  minds  are  like  parachutes;  they  work  best  when  they  are  open.  Your beliefs through which you perceive the world will determine whether you will take charge or invite others to control your life. At times, your failure to take responsibility lies in the limiting beliefs that you  have  as  an  individual.  Unless  you  open  up  and  consider  new  ideas  and  value  systems,  you  may not change and Succeed in what you doing.

“Your goal, your dream, your sense of personal destiny, is your baby. Nobody will care for it, rescue it, or work for it like you will. Don’t expect it of others. Do expect that kind of care and hard work on your part.” —JIM STOVALL

Too many of us are guilty of assuming that we don’t have all of the pieces necessary to reach our goals. Complaints of “If I only had the education or time or contacts or money, etc.” are often heard. Please understand that sometimes there are legitimate barriers between us and our success, but too often there are convenient challenges that masquerade as handy excuses for our remaining in the rut we find ourselves.

As you face the inevitable barriers on the way to reaching all of your goals, it is imperative that you differentiate between legitimate problems that must be solved or overcome and the built-in excuses we all give ourselves and those around us. Today, resolve to move toward your destiny assuming that everything you need you already have or you expect it to be provided for you at the point you need it most.

Successful people live by power principles, and these principles dominate their attitudes and daily activities. Unfortunately, in our society today the majority of messages we receive are negative ones, so you have to fight very hard to keep powerful, positive messages as your dominant thought.