3 Ways to Overcome the Biggest Obstacle To Your Success - CSEE Candidates


CSEE Students who sat for their National Examination or those who are expecting to sit for their National Examination this year and all of us in general; are facing common problems and that is "Obstacles to success"

Bellow are 3 ways we can use to overcome biggest obstacles to our success:-

The main obstacle to us reaching our fullest potential is apathy.

 Let us not look at apathy in terms of indifference, but in terms of comfortability; thus Apathy - is a natural human instinct, common to us all that consistently encourages us to seek a comfort zone in which nothing ever changes.

In other words we (give in to our comfort zone) or we are too comfortable to do what we need to do to get what we want.

Q: Why don’t we want to get out of our comfort zone?
Q: What are the consequences of staying in our comfort zone?
Q: What can we accomplish if we get out of our comfort zone?

If we want to maximize our potential then we must make every effort to fight apathy.

We need to fight to get out of our comfort zone.
We are not saying that - comfort is bad - But if being comfortable prevents you from getting
what you want it is extremely bad.

The 3 biggest ways that apathy manifests itself: 

1.  Fear - Staying away from situations for fear they will be uncomfortable.
  • Embrace the pain. 
2.  Excuses - Giving reasons to justify why you are not denying yourself.
  • "Its the economy..." 
  • Example - Will, the phones have stopped ringing because the economy is bad and people are more price conscious. 
  • The phones have not stopped ringing because people are price conscious, or the economy, or whatever other symptom we want to fill in the blank with… 
3.  Distractions - Trying to be busy doing other things to justify why you are not doing what you know you are supposed to be doing.

Three ways to battle apathy:
1.  Courage - You must muster the courage, of find the courage to do what we know is best for ourselves our families, our society etc.
    a.  Courage - act in-spite of pain
    b.  Where can we find this courage?

2.  Vision - you must have a vision that is so strong that it motivates you to get outside of your comfort zone.
    a.  What will you say to yourself if 30 days from now - you are in the exact same place?

3.  Choice - you must make a choice that you are going to fight the desire to stay in your comfort zone.