When you stand in front of a mirror, there are two of you, the real you, and your mirror image. By reflecting the real you, the mirror lets you see yourself in a way that you wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. You see all of yourself head on; you see yourself more clearly. 

When  you  think  back  on  something you have learned, you’re  reflecting. You’re “seeing” it more clearly. Reflection is letting what you learned sink in. Every time you reflect on what you’ve learned, you reinforce that memory.

It is likely that you are more inclined to at least one of these eight intelligence.

1. Linguistic:-
This is the ability to use language in an effective way. You are likely to be particularly interested in the meanings, rhythms and influence of words in  spoken and written forms. 

2. Logical/Mathematical:-
This is the ability to reason, calculate, and to think things through in a logical, systematic and analytical manner. It also involves the ability to make connections between different phenomena or activities and to understand relationships between actions.  

3. Intrapersonal (inner):-
This involves the capacity for honest  self-analysis and reflection, including assessing your own accomplishments, reviewing own behaviour, motivations and innermost feelings. 

This is the ability to play or understand music,  or be sensitive to the meanings of musical  patterns and sounds, and other forms of audio communication.

5. Interpersonal (social):-
This is the ability to understand the motivations and actions of others. It is an intelligence that can be applied to managing others, or helping them develop their potential. 

6. Environmental/Naturalist:-
You are likely to be actively interested and concerned with environmental issues. You are likely to be able to recognize and categorize inhabitants, features or elements of the natural world.

7. Visual/Spatial:-
This is the ability to think creatively in relation to space, colours, and physical forms. It includes the ability to think in three-dimensional ways and to convert these ideas into some creative form.

8. Bodily/Physical (kinaesthetic):-
This is about making things, or solving physically related problems. It can include also an interest in testing or competing yourself against others, for example in sport, athletics, dance, or in other ways. 
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